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 Q & A

Difficult to order on the website?

Thank you for tying to order online through the website. Please reach out to us with your needs and we can build and email you a custom invoice with a pay link.

Will my balloons look good for (XX:00 o'clock)...?

Latex: 11" helium inflated latex balloons typically have a float time of 8-12 hours


Mylar (Foil): 17" or larger helium inflated Mylar (foil) balloons typically have a float time of over 24hrs


What colors of latex balloons can I pick from?

Please follow the links (link will currently go to product page still growing 1.7.22) to the different styles and colors of latex balloons we offer. 

Jewel Tone Colors

Standard & Standard Fashion Colors

Radiant Pearl Colors

Chrome Colors

Specialty Styles